City leadership should decriminalize and depenalize possession of marijuana and paraphernalia so as to lessen damaging and wasteful policing and judicial practices — nearly all of which are taxpayer-funded or at the expense of our city’s most vulnerable.

All data used in this study were pulled from public record. All analysis and breakdowns can be found in this Analysis Spreadsheet.


Analysis of Akron Police Department incident report data concerning marijuana and paraphernalia possession reveal problematic trends in local policing practice — Akron officers arrested more Black men under 30 than any other demographic, pulling over Black men 8x more than others, not arresting white offenders, and reportedly not using tax-funded body-worn cameras.

Connecting these incident data to their respective court outcomes creates a disturbing picture. A single blunt can land you in jail with suspension and fees, or…

In the U.S., more youth are running for office than ever before. I’ve studied hundreds of candidates under 30, and I can tell you that age discrimination is real and a constant threat to their campaigns.

Young folks are running for office

In today’s democracies, youth are not always considered a force at the polls or in legislating. They are a minority in politics. Youth lack proper representation in government, and, until reaching the age of eighteen, cannot vote, and thus cannot participate in the most fundamental exercises of democracy.

However, youth frequently challenge political establishments and norms, giving bold, often radical, perspectives on policy and government. …

This is a look into the research and trends of how people interact with media in the U.S., and a discussion on what can be done to increase media literacy.

Information is a precious thing in today’s world. Even more precious is having access to useful and true information. With the rise of media usage, it can be understood that there is a need for greater media literacy. This poses a problem for many, as easy-access seems to make elements like fake news and misinformation easier to trust.

Scholars and businesspersons alike have named our current age the “age of information” (Birkinshaw, 2014). Some look at the modern era of computing, the growing interaction, and utility of technology, and deem a strong person-to-computer relationship to be a necessity of today…

How America’s drive toward war elevated the Trump 2016 campaign, as seen through his announcement speech.

In 2016, and now in 2017, the United States has witnessed an increased of internal political tension, most evident in the rising issues of immigration from Mexico, terrorism and oil from the Middle East, trade with Asia, and various Obama administration policy. These issues played a key role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as seen in the political rhetoric of the campaigning candidates. These key issues can also be considered the bedrock of the Trump campaign, for these issues were the focus of his announcement speech. …

A dive into the speech practices of Bill Clinton during his rise and fall as president.

President Bill Clinton, speaks at Clark College in Vancouver Monday March 21, 2016. Clinton is speaking on behalf of his wife and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. (Natalie Behring/ The Columbian)

William “Bill” Clinton is known by a great many Americans for a great many reasons — as professor of law, a governor of Arkansas, a president of America, a philanthropist of the Clinton Foundation. Clinton has long been in the public spotlight and has been met with a wide array of successes and challenges along the way. …

Tucked away in the highlands of Scotland, stands a 13th century monastery, still home to some 20 Catholic Benedictine monks. Dedicating every moment of their lives to God, these monks value their time, silence, and brotherhood.

As they enter the church, they bow at the altar, then whip white hoods over their heads and take their seats in the pews. Two candles are lit, the striking of matches the only sound apart from the scuffle of monks descending the stairs from their residence into the chapel. Their sandals scrape the stone floors and slap against their socked feet. A moment…

Two teenage Californians challenge political norms and run for office.

A ’92 black Cadillac El Dorado with a “no toll road” bumper sticker pulls out of Pedro’s Tacos drive-thru. The windows are rolled down, letting the warm California breeze whip through the car and ruffle the campaign signs and leaflets in the back seat. Speakers blast John Lennon’s “Power to the People”.

Jake Rybczyk, 18, and Jackson Hinkle, 19, chant along between mouthfuls of carne asada and bean-cheese burritos, “power to the people, right on”. But they’re afraid they won’t be able to keep their burritos down. …

Fran Wilson

Coaching young, first-time, minority candidates running for office. (he/they)

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